I'm an angel with a shotgun, fighting til' the wars won

Their kissing became more desperate and frequent but only deepened when Christina groaned into the other girl’s mouth.

Without permission, Kellie deepened the kiss by forcing her long tongue down the writer’ throat and their tongues began to playfully dance at first before wrestling each other for dominance. Christina could feel herself getting wet by the intense contact but her panties were officially ruined when Kellie arched her back and bucked her hips forward, their mounds touching each other erotically. She didn’t realize when they broke the kiss or how long Kellie’s hands were fisted into the waistband of her skirt, scrunching it upwards forcefully. The two of them were panting, and were breathing heavily. Christina needed, no, she wanted this as much as Kellie. Soon, Christina gave in to temptation and leaned forward to capture the dominant girl’s lips in a very satisfying languid kiss.

She tangled her fingers in dark hair and gripped tightly, her need for control overbearing all other senses until Kellie changed that dramatically. She roughly pulled away, causing the brunette to cry out loud from the loss of contact and the other girl grinned. Who knew that she could be the one to finally put the girl in her place and that she was going to take her at the same time? It was oh so very hot. Without bothering to say anything else to the girl, she dragged her over to the nearest bench and sat her down while attempting to take off Christina’s clothes; she wanted her naked and writhing beneath her already. As soon as the writer was left in her lacy black bra and see through boy shorts, Kellie’s mouth was watering by now. She grasped the girl’s shoulders and forced her to lie on her back on the bench with a few protests coming from Christina though they would go ignored.

When she’s flat on her back, Kellie pounces and what happens next boggles Christina out of her mind. She’s hovering above Christina with her legs on either side of the bench and she straddles the younger girl, exploring the girl’s toned body and she’s shamelessly getting off from it. The brunette is making sounds the she is enjoying immensely the more she teases the girl with her touching so she decides to go south of the border. When her hand reaches its destination, she licks her lips and glances over at Christina with determined eyes. Her fingers are already tugging the boy shorts downward and when the writer attempts to swat her hands away, Kellie hisses. “Your pussy is mine whenever I want it, C! In fact, from now on, you will not ever touch yourself without my permission and I have to be there at all times when you want to fuck yourself. God, you love this, don’t you?”

With that said, she ripped off Christina’s undergarment and cupped her womanhood possessively. Kellie squeezed, revelling in the hot wetness she felt spilling onto her palm. Christina cried out quite loudly. The dominant girl smiled crookedly and began tracing her fingers up and down Christina’s slick slit and felt her stomach clench at the idea of making Christina come. It just had to happen now before her head could explode. Without any further preamble, the girl plunged two fingers inside of the very loud writer. Kellie was pumping her wrist as hard as she could, loving how Christina felt from the inside and so she started moaning in time with the girl she wanted to claim. In and out. In and out. The fingers set a punishing pace and the writer’s pleasure was heightened along with the slight pain she felt. Oh God, it was so delicious and sinful. Kellie was talented as hell when it came to sex.

She started to feel something beginning to coil below her abdomen and she figured she was getting close, so Christina squeezed her thighs in order to relieve some of the pressure she was feeling but to no avail. Kellie, who was panting excitedly, noticed her muscles tightening so she picked up the slack by adding a third finger inside of her while she lowered her head to make out with Christina passionately. It didn’t take long for the girl to become undone because after pushing all three fingers in and out of her repeatedly, her body stiffened as she screamed, riding out her climax with Kellie’s fingers still inside her before going limp. It took her awhile to recover but Kellie didn’t mind because patience was a virtue.

When Christina groggily woke up she almost panicked until she felt Kellie wrap her arms around the girl from behind and she leaned into the intimate embrace. Her breathing slowed again when she felt the girl place tender kisses all over her neck up to her jaw line. Despite her earlier behaviour, Kellie was back to her usual loving, sweet self again and Christina liked it. Well, it didn’t last too long because she felt teeth lightly scrape her earlobe before dirty things were whispered into it again. “You’re so hot when you come. Next time, I want to hear you say my name. Be prepared ’cause sexy times are going to happen again.” The breathy moan was all that escaped Christina’s lips because just then, Kellie tangled her fingers in her hair and held her head in place as she stood up from the bench in order to walk in front of the writer.

Christina expected to see her bare pussy again but what she didn’t expect was for it to be replaced with a harness and a fleshy artificial cock dangling in front of her face. It was fairly wide and the length was impressive, along with the realistic textures so of course, Christina felt a spike of arousal stir within her again.

Kellie cupped Christina’s head upward so she could hold her gaze for a moment before taking things to a whole new level. Damn, she has a beautiful set of lips. “I heard you have no gag reflex, baby. Prove it to me, show me how you take it like a real woman should.” She challenged, her voice almost wavering because the image of Christina giving her head was really, really hot. The girl straightened up and licked her sensual lips before grabbing the base of the dildo and placing it between her lips. At first, she swallowed the head for a moment then pulled out to flick her tongue against it. She then reached out to grab onto Kellie’s bare ass cheeks and took almost the entire fake cock into her mouth. Christina expertly bobbed her head with the dildo pumping in and out of her mouth and the mumbling sounds she was making vibrated onto it and that turned on the Kellie on so freaking much.

Without further ado and to further corrupt Christina’s innocence, she began bucking her hips wildly, forcing the toy to slide further into her lover’s mouth. The girl was absolutely relentless as she continued sucking on Kellie’s temporary appendage. The sounds, however, and the sight of her dark chocolate eyes rolling back to her skull finally got to Kellie before she reluctantly put an end to the blowjob. The other girl choked a bit at the loss of being filled but would once again be rewarded. Shaking ever so slightly, Kellie petted Christina’s hair affectionately before pulling on it roughly and bending her over the bench so that her ass was in the air. The other girl felt her face light up on fire as she realized what was going to happen but it aroused her even more, knowing that she was about to dominated by a very beautiful and experienced girl.

Kellie got down on her knees, even though it was uncomfortable to be positioned on the floor, and placed her hands on either side of Christina’s hips. The girl had an amazing ass, no lie, because she ran her hands over it before giving it a hard smack.. “I’m going to take it slow at first for you, okay babe? It’ll hurt but I swear I’ll make you feel good, I promise.” She said, positioning the strap-on right at the entrance before slowly impaling the girl. Christina predictably shrieked, moaning louder and louder with the slow, torturous thrusting of the dildo fucking her from behind. She had never felt so full before in her life and although it hurt like hell, Kellie kept true to her word by taking it slow with each thrust until the pain became pleasure.

“H-harder, baby! Please…I need you to -Ohmygod! Faster now, please! I’m begging you!” The writer pleaded, ignoring the fact that she had just resorted to begging but it was for a good cause: getting off. Kellie complied, now fucking her with wild abandon and she never felt so alive before. She impaled the girl, each thrust and stroke varying from rough and hard to slow and gentle and it was making the both of them feel so good. Christina felt the all too familiar coil boil down below her stomach again and she was so looking forward to the release. She arched her back and Kellie used that to her advantage once again, her fingers fisting in her dark brown hair and pulling her backwards. “Mm, you’re s-so fucking tight, b-baby! I really, really liked fingering you and all, but this…ugh, I LOVE fucking you like this!” She proceeded to whisper even naughtier, dirtier, and kinkier things into Christina’s ears as she thrust into her more forcefully before the writer finally had enough!

“KELLIE! OH GOD!” She screamed, her body shuddering for effect before her head fell onto her nearly folded arms across the bench. Their skin was drenched in sweat but neither girl minded at the moment.


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